How to de-shed your dog with brilliant results

Yikes!!! I had no idea that dogs could drop so much hair. It’s time to de-shed your dog with brilliant results.

So, to cut a long story short, I’ve just experienced what many dog owners get to experience throughout the year, a dog that sheds their coat with great gusto.

My neighbours have left me to babysit their beautiful Labrador, Angel, for a couple of months whilst they are away overseas and I’ve discovered she drops more hair around the place than a barber shop.

Now my beautiful, labradoodle likes a brush through now and then but rarely drops a hair. So to put it nicely, I was a lot underprepared.

But we’re getting to that time of year when you guessed it, dogs are going to be dropping hair everywhere, and all that hair has been turning up in places you can’t possibly imagine.


Yes, I know, many dogs will shed during Spring and Fall ( Autum for some of our readers ) . Many dogs are double coated, and by this, I mean the dog has another coat beneath the outer one. More frequent grooming is required for dogs with double coats.

Huh? A double coat you say!

Your dog’s top coat is what you see and feel on the outside. The undercoat is made up of additional hairs that grow around the main hairs and are shorter and softer.

You probably noticed that when the weather cools you dogs coat gets thicker, this is their winter coat and it’s like putting an extra layer of clothing around yourself to stay warmer as the climate changes, for your dog it’s their warmer coat for winter.

Shedding is a natural process that is necessary for dogs. Regular grooming is absolutely essential for all dogs.

Brushing or combing your dog helps to remove your dog’s unwanted hair before it ends up throughout the house.

It will also prevent those dead hairs from forming mats on your dog’s coat that can eventually harm the skin, I found this to be an essential task even for my Labradoodle, he loves to swim and all that hair can form mats pretty quickly when he’s swimming around at the beach.

Brushing your dog also distributes the natural, healthy oils produced by the skin throughout your dog’s coat. Using the right grooming tools can make a great difference.

So, here is what saved me from going slightly more insane than I am already,

I am doing you a massive service by recommending a special shedding tool called the FURminator, and I’ve no hesitation in telling you that it can work wonders.

So, I’m placing a link here, to save you some time in checking out the product, and not only do I love it but it also has thousands of positive reviews.

Now being a product link, you all know that we might receive a small commission, but you all know that any money we make is donated to animal rescue organisations, so not only will you be getting an amazing product, you will also be helping abandoned dogs find new humans to look after.

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