My life completely changed when this beautiful boy came into my life, his name is Bailey and he is a Labradoodle, and he is the driving force, behind what we are all about at Dollars for Dogs.

People who assist us in our work do so for free, they are all volunteers, who love and deeply care about animals, especially dogs, all funds that we receive, go directly towards helping dogs and animals.

Unfortunately, throughout the world, animal shelters are overflowing with dogs that are in need of good homes. But how did so many get there? I know how hard it is for us dedicated dog lovers to understand how someone could just surrender his or her companion. When a dog ends up in a shelter, it is not their fault. Most behavioral issues, for instance, can typically be traced back to the way in which their former caretakers handled them.

We aim to make Dog ownership easier, what do we mean by this? well, we try to address the root causes for people giving up their dogs for adoption and help resolve these issues when we can.


One example

People and their dog’s lack of training:

Dogs do not come trained.   Unfortunately, many people get a dog without realizing how much training is involved. Dogs need diligent leaders who are willing to put in the hours setting rules, boundaries, and limitations, and spending time teaching them commands. Shelters are filled with dogs that have potty training, socialization, and obedience issues, all of which could have been prevented through proper training.
Puppies do not come housebroken and must be taught to go to the toilet outside.

What we do

We develop resources that are effective, and where possible provide these resources for free, or direct owners to appropriate resources that we recommend and support that are selected based on the safety of the product, the product being of the highest quality for the lowest cost.

We aim to support owners to care for their dogs throughout their companions entire life cycle from puppies through to when they leave us way too soon and cross the rainbow bridge, we are working hard to ensure that before they cross that bridge that their lives were happy and full of love and fun.

If owners buy a resource that we recommend we sometimes receive a small commission, all funds received by us are either spent on developing quality content and resources to assist dog owners and their dogs, or, are directly donated to ” No Kill” rescue shelters, our goal is to help reduce pets being euthanized in shelters with our key focus is on supporting shelters that will collect and save dogs from “Kill Shelters” and then find new owners to adopt them

David Cooper

Founder and dog lover