7 Ways to make your older dogs life better

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Here at Dollars for Dogs, we really aim to make dogs happy to be with their owners and for owners to be happy with their dogs, and what breaks our hearts is when people surrender their older dogs, who have been their long time companions, to a shelter in exchange for a new puppy. We have all seen the stories, it shouldn’t happen but it does, in my opinion, a dog is for life, and we should be there to care for them as loving owners till that heartbreaking day that we have to let them cross that rainbow bridge. But enough of thinking about the loss of our dear friends,

Here are 7 ways to help make life better for the senior dog in your life.

Never stop loving them because they are getting old. Regardless of your age, your senior dogs will never stop loving you and your senior dog needs your love.
Love, patience, and understanding will always be the key to their heart. For so many these years your loyal companion has always been there to enrich your life, it’s only right that they have all the love that they want, need and deserve as they near the end of theirs.

Feed them less more often. Many older dogs experience a slowing down of all body processes, including digestion. This means your older dog may want to eat smaller portions or smaller portions in divided meals throughout the day. If you notice a change in your dog’s appetite, it’s always a good idea to consult with your veterinarian to rule out medical problems. If your dog is just not as interested in their food but is healthy, they may just be asking for smaller meals two to three times a day.

Take care of their teeth. Older dogs should have regular oral checkups with a veterinarian to check for dental decay and doggie gum disease, as these can cause pain and sensitivity in your dogs mouth.

Provide a safe, quiet place. It’s especially important that a senior dog has a place of their own in your home where they feel safe. This is a place they can go if they feel overwhelmed by the activity, people, and noise in your home. Ideally, this would be located in a quiet, warm area of your home for your dog’s comfort.

Soften up their dog bed to something thick, warm and comfy. If you haven’t done so already, raise their dog bed up off the floor. If they sleep with you, you can provide doggie steps to help him get up and off the bed. An orthopedic bed like the BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed is an ideal choice

Keep it cozy. Like us, as we get older our joints stiffen up a bit, so there is a good chance that he’s going to be looking for a warm place in your home to sleep.
Feeling the suns warmth, snuggling up close to your warm body are my dog’s favorite places. Adding an extra blanket to his favorite doggie nest and making sure the room temperature is warm enough can help him relax and feel better.

Take care of his joints. Older dogs often have pain. Joints get stiff, arthritis sets in, and things just don’t feel like they did when he was a pup. Special supplements, like Nutramax joint care supplement, have natural pain relief and ingredients to support healthy joints for dogs. Talk to your veterinarian about how to treat your dog’s pain if you notice serious symptoms like limping, guarding a limb, or refusing to walk.

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