The 10 Best Toys For Young Dogs

Sure they are now at that age when they are not really puppies anymore, but that doesn’t mean they lose their love of play. In fact, young adult dogs are more primed for action than ever!

If anything you will now find that the young adolescent dog is now fully primed for action and ready to explore what their fully developed bodies are now capable of, and they are now in search of mischieve, fun and adventure.

These 10 toys are perfectly designed to keep your young bundle of energy happy, entertained, healthy and inquisitive.

1. IQ Soft Rubber Bouncy Ball

A great way to keep your dog’s teeth healthy and clean, keep their minds active by placing food treats inside and let them figure out how to get hold of that tasty treat. Great toy to play fetch with and engage with your dog.

2. Kong Tugger Knots

The KONG Tugger Knots series are perfect for young dogs that love to play tug with their owners, beats tearing your socks apart right  ??  These toys are tough, interactive toys are minimally stuffed to prevent messes and have a squeaker inside for added excitement.

3. Kong Air Dog Squeaker Toy

Seriously, one of my Labradoodles favorite toys, he’s actually gone through a few of them, the Kong air squeaker combines two toys, the recognizable bone shape with the added benefit of being a tennis ball type squeaker toy. Great toy for playing fetch, but this is one toy that he’s more than happy to just lie on his bed with and entertain himself.

4. Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

OK, so this sounds a little crazy, but this ball does actually giggle when your dog plays with it. A definite alternative to a squeaky toy it is a great toy to keep your dog entertained while you’re away from your home.

5. Tuffy Mega Dog Toys

Tuffy toys are incredibly durable making them a great choice for dogs that love soft toys, but destroy them in minutes! Constructed from four layers of bonded material, stuffed with non-toxic fiber, and assembled with seven layers of stitching, the Mega series is Tuffy’s most heavy-duty dog toys.

6. Smelly Socky IQ Treat Food Puzzle

Occupy your young dog’s busy brain with this treat dispensing rubber ball. One end has a capped hole for pouring in your dogs’ favorite treats. The Smelly Socky is a perfect solution for young dogs learning to cope with separation anxiety.


7. Hyper Pet Flying Duck

The Hyper Pet Flying Duck is a durable bungee toy designed for dogs that love to hunt and/or swim. The thumb-released slingshot launches the toy up to 100 feet in the air! They even float on water so feel free to launch the duck over the pool or lake for your favorite furry swimmer to retrieve.

8. Petstages Dogwood Stick Dog Chew Toy

The Dogwood chew toy by PetStages is perfect for nature loving pups that enjoy gnawing on sticks. It comes in four sizes to suit even the most powerful jaws and contains the natural wood flavor and texture dogs love without the risk of splintering. Dogwood chews are made in the USA, yes this is important because this type of dog chew if manufactured in places like China, can sometimes be hazardous to your dog’s health, and I will never recommend a product that will be detrimental to the health of any dog. This chew toy is great for busy chewers or pups with anxious chewing habits.

9. KONG Classic dog toy

A true favorite, ultra strong and durable rubber formula for powerful chewers. I like to fill the Kong with peanut butter, yes I said it, peanut butter and freeze it overnight, I then give it to my dog to play with throughout the day, he loves peanut butter and it takes him a while to get all of the frozen peanut butter out of it.


10. Chuckit Paraflight Dog Toy

If your dog enjoys a good game of frisbee in the backyard, the Chuckit Paraflight Dog Toy is a winner!


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